It’s unfortunate for the 16 million people around the UK suffering from allergic rhinitis (hay fever) due to grass pollen. But did you know it is possible to suffer from tree and weed pollen all throughout the year?

Meaning many people will frequently blame allergies such as dust or animal hair for their symptoms such as; itchy eyes and runny nose. It is therefore vital to identify what you are in fact allergic to, so that you can receive the right treatment. Considering hay fever is one of those irritating allergies that you can develop at any stage in your life, it’s always important to keep an eye on what may be affecting your health.

The Met Office have released the table below to illustrate exactly which pollen will affect you each month. If you suffer all year round, it may be more likely that you are allergic to dust mites, animals (even your colleague’s clothes embedded with cat hair) and/or mould. Unless you obtain an allergy test, the only way to know is if you observe when your symptoms are worse, and what conditions you are surrounded by. For instance, if you discover yourself waking up sneezing every morning, you may have dust or mould allergies. Dust is more stubborn to remove, no matter how much you clean all those nooks and crannies, therefore investing in an air purifier would be worth it. Our NaturoPure purifiers all contain a true HEPA filter, that acts like a sieve, collecting and trapping all pollutant particles – ideal for anyone suffering from hay fever, dust and asthma.

A purifier would be essential, particularly in cases where children with severe allergic rhinitis are involved, as the smallest amount of pollen from their school clothes can attach onto your furnishings, causing them to be as miserable as if they were outdoors. Likewise, asthmatics and the elderly would suffer greatly when the summer arrives, as the pollen enters into the body, triggering symptoms such as difficulty breathing, or coughing.

Our purifiers will work hard to remove pollutants as small as 0.03 microns to create fresher air within your home by trapping these particles and releasing negative ions; effectively reducing the amount of pollen, dust, odour and general stuffiness in the air. Our PM 520 and PM 380A purifiers have the most effective use of a filtration system with a 5 and 7-stage purification process that includes a HEPA filter, Carbon filter, Germicidal UV lamp and washable pre-filter.

As our filters can normally last between 1 to 2 years, and purifiers come with a 1-3 year warranty, a safer home for parents and kids will be well worth the investment.

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